Stacker2 100% Whey (2000g)
Stacker2 100% Whey (2000g) supplement facts
Stacker2 100% Whey (2000g)
Stacker2 100% Whey (2000g) supplement facts

Stacker2 100% Whey (2000g)

Stacker2 100% Whey (2000g) - Chocolate Royal
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There are hundreds of proteins, all with different compositions. Which is the one you want? What is your objective? If you aim to build muscle mass (and not fat), low-dose proteins that are 40% carbohydrate are not for you. What you need is a product that meets 100% of your objectives. What you need is 100% Whey.



Stacker2 100% Whey

The benefits of 100% Whey

- Your foundation for optimal muscle growth.
- Contains only Whey with the highest biological value.
- Reduces unwanted catabolism.
- Sugar-free and aspartame-free.
- Dissolves completely, no lumps.
- A delicious (creamy) shake.

Stacker2 Europe 100% Whey is known not only for tasting good and for being completely free of fattening sugars and bad fats, but mostly because it is the perfect protein supplement as the foundation for your training and recovery program. 100% Whey is your basis for quickly building muscle mass. It’s not only strength trainers who benefit from 100% Whey, but anyone with a high protein requirement, so in nearly every branch of sport, during periods of recovering from physical exertion or as a protein supplement in a vegetarian diet. 100% Whey can even be used in slimming programs as a healthy meal replacement.

Recommended Usage

Mix or shake 2 scoops (30g) with 200ml water. Please consume maximum 2-3 shakes per day.

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