Scitec Nutrition Beef Aminos (500ct)
Scitec Nutrition Beef Aminos (500ct) supplement facts
Scitec Nutrition Beef Aminos (500ct)
Scitec Nutrition Beef Aminos (500ct) supplement facts

Scitec Nutrition Beef Aminos (500ct)

Beef Aminos (500ct)
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Beef is an acknowledged protein source among experienced athletes. Usually proteins are enzymatically cut up to obtain bioavailable peptides. BEEF AMINOS’ peptides are produced NOT by using chemicals, but instead pressure is used to obtain optimal hydrolysis of the fresh, hormone free raw beef material. The result is excellent digestibility, solubility and absorption!


Scitec Nutrition Beef Aminos

BEEF AMINOS provides a “peptide spectrum”: about 15% of its peptides have a molecular size of 6,000 Da, 55% are in the 3,000 Da range and a total of 30% is in a “super peptide” form with a molecular weight of 500 Da or below. With the smaller "pre-digested" peptides critical recovery after training will be achieved faster and so will be a positive nitrogen balance since the protein does not have to be digested into smaller sizes. This allows for rapid repair of damaged muscles, as well as more efficient muscle hypertrophy during the anabolic growth phase.

Our formula provides all the 9 types of essential amino acids. These are indispensable, because they cannot be synthesized by the body and therefore must be supplied in the diet. Real beef protein contains all these essential aminos, including Tryptophan and they are not just added later – many times companies use collagen protein instead! The consumption of aminos in peptide form is highly efficacious around workouts!

BEEF AMINOS’ hydrolyzed protein contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass, and also to the maintenance of normal bones.

Recommended Usage

Take a serving (4 tablets) immediately prior to your workout.

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