Aroflora CITRUS Essential Oil Synergy (30ml)

Aroflora CITRUS Essential Oil Synergy (30ml)

CITRUS Essential Oil Synergy (30ml)
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Essential oil synergy CITRUS is 100% pure and natural. A synergy dedicated to lovers of warm and fruity aromas. For a sweet and pleasant smell in your home or in your workplace. This synergy is also effective in cleaning your air thanks to its 4 essential oils complex - Orange, Lemon, Bergamot and Mandarin.



Sweet Orange, Lemon, Red Mandarin, Bergamot.

Benefits of each ingredient

Sweet Orange EO - The limonene contained in this essential oil acts as a bactericide. It is effective against fungi that cause lung infections. It also disinfects the ambient air.

Lemon EO - Antiseptic: Lemon essential oil is ideal for cleaning the floor, toilet and sink in the bathroom.
Antibacterial: broadcast to purify the air. Very effective against colds and flu.
Weight loss: the lemon essential oil is often used in diets to lose weight. It greatly facilitates drainage and digestion.

Red Mandarin EO - Known to be a moderator for the central nervous system, the essential oil of red mandarin has powerful calming properties. It calms anxiety and helps to find inner peace. Relaxing and sedative, this essential oil can be diffused to promote sleep.
Finally it is a digestive tonic. It fights against constipation, flatulence, and nausea.

Bergamot EO - Antibacterial, antiseptic: linalool in this essential oil has a bactericidal action and parasiticide known in many microorganisms.

Made in France.

Essential oils chemotyped H.E.C.T.

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