Scitec Nutrition Isotec Race (1800g)
Scitec Nutrition Isotec Race (1800g) supplement facts
Scitec Nutrition Isotec Race (1800g)
Scitec Nutrition Isotec Race (1800g) supplement facts

Scitec Nutrition Isotec Race (1800g)

Isotec Race (1800g)


During resistance training and endurance exercise, your body requires energy, fluid and electrolytes to keep going without loss of performance. Scitec Nutrition's Isotec Race, which is part of our Athletic Line is designed to replenish these as you work out, for athletes who need to keep their performance going over long periods of time.

Contributing to your endurance performance during prolonged exercise, this carbohydrate-electrolyte drink enhances the absorption of water as you work out. Containing Vitamin C which helps you to maintain the normal function of your immune system as you exercise and after and Vitamin E which will protect your cells from oxidative stress it’s an essential part of any resistance or endurance training.

Isotec Race also contains potassium which helps muscles and nervous system function correctly and magnesium to balance your electrolytes protein synthesis. To help improve the function of your cell membrane the Isotec Race also contains Phosphorous, which when combined with magnesium helps your energy-yielding metabolism and maintains normal bones and teeth.

Working efficiently as possible when you train hard Isotec Race is taken as part of a healthy diet and will allow you to workout harder and for longer.

Recommended Usage

Add 1/2 scoop (33 grams) of Isotec Race to 500 ml water. Use it once per day, during exercise to replenish carbohydrates, fluid and electrolytes (minerals). Isotec Race can also be utilized 30-60 minutes prior to activity to provide pre-workout carb and fluid-loading, or post-workout to help restore muscle glycogen stores.

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