Stacker2 Muscle Transform (168ct)
Stacker2 Muscle Transform (168ct) supplement facts
Stacker2 Muscle Transform (168ct)
Stacker2 Muscle Transform (168ct) supplement facts

Stacker2 Muscle Transform (168ct)

Muscle Transform (168ct)
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Stacker2 Europe’s Muscle Transform is the newest designer testosterone booster for both beginning and advanced bodybuilders. Innovation and results are top priority at Stacker2 Europe, as once again evidenced by the introduction of Muscle Transform.


Stacker2 Muscle Transform

Stacker2 Europe’s research department was given the task of making a muscle enhancer that doesn’t resemble any competitor products, with tribulus terrestris being the main ingredient every time. Muscle Transform contains only scientifically proven ingredients that also have synergistic effects. And more importantly: These ingredients are also correctly dosed, in the right quantity at which they are active and effective on your muscles in order to transform them into nicer, stronger, rock-hard, pumped-up muscles like those you see in competitive bodybuilders.

Muscle Transform drastically increases both the (free) testosterone level as well as the growth hormone level (HGH hormone)! When trying to increase your muscle strength it is essential for the testosterone level to be increased and the cortisol level to remain low. Cortisol stands for stress and therefore muscle break-down, something which you absolutely don’t want. Muscle Transform also suppresses the female (fattening) hormone estrogen. Thanks to Muscle Transform’s revolutionary ingredient formula, the body gets into an anabolic state after only a few days of use, which naturally increases muscle strength and muscle mass without negative side-effects.

Recommended Usage

Take 4 capsules of Muscle Transform before breakfast and 4 capsules just before sleeping (to achieve maximum results). You will feel effect after 7-10 days. Please use this product at least 6 weeks in a row to experience the maximum effect.

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